St. Rita’s College of Balingasag adheres to the RVM Philosophy of Education aimed at leading all to the fullness of life in Jesus Christ.

We believe that…

God is the Father who, in His abundant love and total graciousness, created humanity and all creation to share His love.

When humanity chose to live apart from God, the Father, in His tender mercy, sent His Son Jesus to show humanity the way back to Him to pursue the path of justice, truth and love.

The Father sent the Holy Spirit to sanctify, inspire, guide and enlighten everyone in following Jesus so that the will of God for the well-being of all may be fulfilled.

God chose Mary to be the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God and the Mother of the Church. Mary, being the first disciple, journeys with us to fullness of life in Jesus Christ.

We believe that…

By the example set by Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, the RVM Education proclaims that it is the heart that knows God, who is the source of all wisdom (cf. Prov. 2:6, 9:10; Eccl 2:26; Ps. 51:6; James 3:17-18).

Education is a life-long process whereby human persons grow and develop their potentials in the pursuit of their God-given mission of transforming all things in Jesus Christ.

Learning is growth for every person to become a witness to faith, excellence and service in varied socio-cultural settings; thus, participate in the transforming experience of life in Jesus Christ.

The school is where the process of growth is directed towards reverence for creation and persons, which fortifies the spirit of communion.

The students are citizens of their times, unique with their own history, capacities and inspiration, have the sacred and the good, the promise and the potentials for the actualization of the mission entrusted to them.

The teachers are persons committed to the process of becoming and to the task of leading others to maturity in Jesus Christ.

The School Administrators are servant leaders committed to witness to the “Good News” and to journey with the academic community in their search for truth, beauty and goodness.

As a Filipino School, St. Rita’s College of Balingasag is dedicated to the task of producing well-rounded citizens who can preserve and witness to relevant and wholesome Filipino culture, values and attitudes.

As a Catholic School, St. Rita’s College of Balingasag works for the development of the whole person who recognizes one’s Catholic Christian role of exemplifying ethical and corporate  responsibilities in a humane society through constant encounter with Jesus Christ and others.

As an RVM School, St. Rita’s College of Balingasag is committed to the Catholic Christian formation of Ignacian Marian leaders, imbued with Ignacian spirituality of humble servanthood, living simply to serve God and creation.



We commit ourselves to:

    • Imbibe the Ignacian Marian core values of Faith, excellence and Service to be prophets of hope in today’s world.
    • Constantly pursue innovative programs, approaches, and educational strategies to develop world-class professionals.
    • Build up resources and capabilities to respond to contemporary issues towards enhancement of quality of life.
    • Strengthen our educational thrust for the poor.


Impelled by the loving compassion of Jesus, the Teacher, we in St. Rita’s College of Balingasag nurtures an Ignacain Marian Learning community with ethical corporate responsibility towards the transformation of self and society for the common good.

(Our Vision, cascaded from the RVM Education Ministry's Vision of Witnessing to Christ, the Great Teacher towards a transformed world, expresses St. Rita's College of Balingasag's adherence to desirable changes.)


    • Transformative Ignacian Marian education towards services for the common good.
    • Strong and relevant institution social programs to enhance quality of life.
    • Responsible partnership to sustain and advance human welfare.
    • Sustain programs to favor the disadvantage sectors of the society.