Bachelor of Secondary Education Major: English, Mathematics, Science and Filipino

The Teacher Education Program is a pre-service preparation of professional teachers for the primary and secondary levels of education. Imbued with Christian ideals, professional and ethical values, students are trained to render quality service as teachers.


The Teacher Education Program prepares reflective teachers with the potential for professional leadership who demonstrate academic and professional excellence, have sound personal qualities, have a commitment to education and life-long learning, demonstrate world citizenship, and are committed to the faith.


At the end of four years, the graduates will be able to:

1. Gain comprehensive techniques and strategies in teaching-learning process and achieves a technology-driven proficiency in the actual delivery of the learning concepts with dedication, competence, and compassion, based on a deep and principled understanding of the diverse types of learners, learning environment, learning process, and the implications of these processes to larger historical, social, cultural and political contexts;

2. Achieve harmonious development of their powers and capabilities; spiritual, mental, physical, social, and emotional and take every opportunity to continue their professional growth and development to better fulfill their mission as teachers.

1. Articulate and discuss the latest developments in the teaching practices and respond to God’s call in fulfilling the mission of teaching for the growth and Christian formation of the students;

2. Deliver creatively and innovatively the teaching process skills (including curriculum development, lesson planning, materials development, educational assessment, and teaching approaches) guided by the tenets of the Ignacian core values where the faith-life dimension is faithfully integrated into all lessons;

3. Make a periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of utilized approaches to improve students’ academic performance and spiritual growth;

4. Communicate effectively in writing and in oral form using both English and Filipino to fulfill one’s mission as God’s messenger of hope and love to the young generation;

5. Conduct relevant and meaningful researches and utilized findings to improve instructional processes;

6. Monitor student’s progress through various assessment tools, make sound decisions and formulate relevant and innovative interventions to propel them towards becoming productive citizens of heaven and society;

7. Demonstrate cultural awareness to collaborate effectively with multi- disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, for a more effective and excellent teaching performance;

8. Exercise responsible citizenship and take pride in being a Filipino, inspired by Ignacian Marian leadership and virtues of honesty, integrity, and nationalism;

9. Engage in various types of employment activities and public discourses in response to the needs of communities one serves;

10. Fulfill the professional and ethical requirements of the teaching profession as a Christian educator imbued with the values of faith, service, and excellence with a genuine concern for the growth and formation of his/her students.

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