Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCrim)


The Criminal Justice Education Program aspires to produce criminologists that would reveal professionally service-oriented, dynamic, and competent individuals that would effectively respond to the call of public service.


The Criminal Justice Education Program hopes to achieve the following objectives:

1. Equip the students with substantial knowledge and skills in crime investigation and detection;

2. Expand one’s learning and interests in the conduct of criminological research and pursue further studies;

3. Demonstrate competently the enforcement of laws, rules, and regulations with humility without regard for position and power;

4. Maximize one’s potential in crime prevention, suppression, and control;

5. Protect lives and properties with courage and humility;

6. Participate actively in all endeavors that promote and ensure public safety and order maintenance.


1. Conduct criminological research on crimes, crime causation, victims, and offenders to include deviant behavior;

2. Internalize the concepts of human rights and victim welfare;

3. Demonstrate competence and broad understanding in law enforcement administration, public safety, and criminal justice;

4. Utilize criminalistics or forensic science in the investigation and detection of crime;

5. Apply the principles and jurisprudence of criminal law, evidence, and criminal procedure;

6. Ensure offenders’ welfare and development for their re-integration into the community.

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